Travel incentives; a motivational recognition practice

Travel Incentives

Travel incentives; a motivational recognition practice

Incentive travel is increasingly becoming a motivational tool used to incentivise top performers and foster team spirit. Travel incentives are described as business travel that is designed to motivate or trigger a desired action, and are used as a reward once these actions from employees or business partners are achieved. This achievement fosters loyalty and encourages the best talent.

Most companies tend to think that any kind of incentive will motivate employees to do their best, and although to a certain extent it is true, incentives need to walk a fine line between tangible reward and emotional payoff. The reality is you won’t get the performance you want unless it is rewarded in a memorable way, and that’s where it becomes important to categorise the incentive structure and acknowledge your top performing employees in a suitable way. The reward needs to match the achievement – by offering a higher value and more valued reward such as travel, you can thereby encourage far higher performance parameters from employees for an extended time.

When an organisation properly designs an incentive programme, which includes looking at all departments which will be affected, rather than just the impact to the department that is sponsoring the incentive, the return on investment can be proven.
Implemented correctly, travel incentives have the benefit of:
1. Motivating and inspiring all employees with a memorable reward.
2. Maintaining high performance consistently.
3. Rewarding and encouraging exceptional work and achievements.

Travel incentives have the additional advantage of motivating not only the recipients, but also those around them. The act of sharing these experiences with co-workers after they return from a vacation is enough to realise the value of the reward to the rest of the group. The social aspect of travel incentives provides a layer of motivation that cannot be matched in a cash-only or one incentive structure for all reward environments.

In turn, the feeling of appreciation from your top performers fosters a positive environment and increasing employee loyalty. The memory of a good travel experience will foster feelings of gratitude and the thrilling adventures and shared experiences of a fantastic trip will hone and develop team dynamics.
As a reward and travel company, we have operators that understand corporate, business and incentive travel groups. We are flexible in arranging budget related travel packages that are all inclusive and cater to all requirements. Our client testimonials received through our post follow up mechanisms are proof that we understand and always go above and beyond, to ensure that your employees receive a truly memorable travel experience.

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