Prize Sourcing

Prize Sourcing Management

Prize Sourcing Management

Prize sourcing can be a difficult and time consuming feat when you have so many other commitments to focus on, which is why outsourcing to Prize Voucher Agency should be a priority. From finding the products to negotiating discounts and managing the delivery, we guarantee the ultimate in service delivery while saving you money. Our specialist prize fulfilment services cover the below expertise.

Prize Suggestions

Promotions consist of various manageable aspects; one of the most vital being the prizes. Choosing the correct prize for your target market as well as ensuring that it is enticing to all consumers – enough so to make existing consumers increase their purchases or inspire first time buyers – can make or break a great competition or promotion. We provide a complete list of prizes based on your brief and budget.

Instant Prizes

For instant wins, to drive sales and generate immediate gratification, we offer the following:
•    Airtime,
•    Store vouchers,
•    Instant cash prizes,
•    Movie tickets, and
•    Restaurant vouchers.

Prize Portfolio

With over 5000 prizes available off-the-shelf and tailor made packages to meet your budget; Prize Voucher takes the worry and hassle out of prize sourcing.
Examples of our prize categories include:
•    Products,
•    Experiences,
•    Store Gift Cards,
•    Branded Products,
•    Events, and
•    Travel Packages.

Travel Packages

Prize Voucher Agency acts as a travel agent, so you get travel agent rates. Whether you are looking for that “WOW” factor or have something specific in mind, we can assist. We specialise in local, international, fully inclusive luxury itineraries, cruises, sporting occasions and customised event orientated packages, guaranteeing that you will find the perfect prize for your promotion.

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