Reward and Recognition


Reward and Recognition

In today's atmosphere of cut throat competition, an efficient work-force can take a company from rags to riches and make all the difference. Hitting two targets in one shot, a well-structured and suitable reward and recognition programme keeps the employees motivated and at the same time also facilitates the company growth in multiple ways.

How We Do It?

Plan: We clearly understand the diverse needs of different companies. As a result, our programmes are tailor-made, designed to especially provide efficacy and compatibility which suites individual value-systems.

Balanced scorecard: Provide benchmarking data on key program activity metrics.

Strategize: Setting up homogeneous business objectives and corporate values which include every employee.On the basis of the above in-depth research, we formulate inclusive and holistic reward and recognition plans. Our programmes articulate goals that are realistic, rewards that are handsome and yet consolidate maximum return on incentive investment.

Manage: Keeping in mind the need for constant improvement, we track crucial performance indicators and recuperate programmes for long term benefits.

Online Solution: Utilise web-based technologies to reinforce employee behaviours and achievements.

Offline solutions: Consider mobile solutions for employees on the go. Provide a solution for employees without access to the internet

Peer-to-peer: Facilitate a balance of peer-to-peer and top-down recognition.

Communication: Produce targeted communication strategies.

We measure and report: Track and report key performance indicators. Adapt the employee reward and recognition program to meet changing business requirements.

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