An effective way to Reward and Incentivise Mining Sector Employees


An effective way to Reward and Incentivise Mining Sector Employees

Providing an appropriate reward or incentive for employees can be challenging, especially with the vast amount of options available and the growing trend of employees’ opting to choose their own reward. An incentive or complimentary gift card provides employees the best of both worlds, as the card holder receives an incentive card with a flexible offering, allowing user purchases to be made at the cardholders’ discretion and choice of retailer.

The use of gift cards in incentive programmes is continually growing as more companies take advantage of their flexibility, ease of use, and low administrative costs. There are also numerous tax benefits when compared to cash payments. An added benefit is that the incentive cards represent a lasting and positive reminder of your company to employees.

Prize Voucher Agency provides organisations with 2 types of compliments gift and incentive cards. The cards are signature based, have a minimum load value of R50 and a maximum of R5000. Both card types do not facilitate cash withdrawals or online purchases, have a three year expiry date and can be branded with your company logo or programme name.

The incentive card can be used anywhere in South Africa where Mastercard is accepted, whilst the exclusive incentive card may only be used within a network of 48 retailers across South Africa, representing almost 5000 stores with an advantageous costing model.

As an employer there are multiple benefits to using Incentive gift cards:

  1. They can be reloaded (no need to provide a new gift card each time you reward an employee),

  2. Greater effectiveness than cash since the branded design of the card creates a stronger relationship with the employee, and

  3. The cards allow reduced use of internal resources.

Benefits for Employees:

  1. Employees have freedom of choice and can shop anywhere,

  2. The gift cards are easy to use with the added advantage of no transaction fees, and

  3. Employees can store points or value on their gift card until they have found the reward that most suits them.

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