Why a Peer Nomination Programme could be the Solution to your Employee Engagement Efforts

Why a Peer Nomination Programme could be the Solution to your Employee Engagement Efforts

Research shows that progressive managers are beginning to recognise the power of peer-to-peer recognition with an increasing number of employees being motivated by peer nominations. When employees feel uninspired, it’s usually a good indicator that your recognition efforts aren’t equally received. Employees have shown to deliver more effective feedback, since they have more opportunities to observe their co-workers performance and are more likely to learn from one another.

Mostly, managers are removed from where the work is performed and therefore, rarely see what employees are doing or how they are doing it. Employees need consistent and timely feedback; real time feedback encourages employees to work with a purpose and by providing real-time feedback, you ensure reinforcement of behaviours you value. This is where peer nominations have the benefit of affording your staff equal opportunities to give and receive feedback, thus also creating a culture of fairness.

A peer-to-peer nomination programme allows your team to provide immediate responses for great work, new ideas implemented, embracing company values, customer service excellence or performance areas that need a boost. The recognition aspect of peer nominations is a great way for your team members to inspire one another with positive feedback and a constant ‘strive to improve’ in order to reach nominations.

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