How to identify Criteria for Employee Recognition


How to identify Criteria for Employee Recognition

Employee recognition, that is effectively executed, reinforces the desired actions and behaviours you want to see your employees repeat. Recognising employee achievements helps to boost the confidence and pride that staff take in their work. Employee recognition awards are an investment that rewards and reinforces desired employee behavior, and results in the organisation’s values.

Ehow.com states that an employee awards or recognition program may include several award categories, each of which has its own criteria and reward structure. Whenever possible, awards should be based on measurable criteria. Eligibility criteria for award programmes must be clearly defined, including who is eligible for each award category. The criteria must be specific to avoid confusion or misunderstanding. Some award categories may be limited to certain departments or employee classifications, while other categories may be open to all staff.

It is therefore imperative to establish and communicate the type of criteria you desire as well as what performance/contribution constitutes reward and recognition.
Whilst criteria can differ from company to company, here are a few Tips for Effective Employee Recognition:

  • All employees must be eligible for the recognition.

  • To ensure that the same standard is used with each employee, create a list of what is required for each award during an award cycle

  • Using the same set of criteria for an award each time it is given, keeps things fair and ensures that employees aren't missing their chance at recognition.

  • The recognition must supply the employer and employee with specific information about what behaviours or actions are being rewarded and recognised.

  • Anyone who then performs at the level or standard stated in the criteria receives the reward.

  • The recognition should occur as close to the performance of the actions as possible; so the recognition reinforces behavior the employer wants to encourage.

It is important not to confuse engagement with satisfaction as employees can still be satisfied without fully understanding and embracing the core competency of the company, thus affecting your success. Employee engagement is indicated by the employee’s commitment, what they do in their quieter times and ultimately the amount of effort they exert on productive undertakings. Engaged employees increase their employment value, as well as work harder and smarter on a day-to-day basis.

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