The Differences between Rewards and Recognition

The Differences between Rewards and Recognition, and How to Make Them Work

With reference from the incentive magazine, there are clear differences between what a reward is and what recognition is. Although rewards and recognition are interchangeably implemented, it is important to realise their differences in order to implement a strategy that works.

The top 8 differences are:

  • Rewards are tangible. Recognition is intangible. Whether tangible or monetary, rewards are always something that can be touched and of a specific amount. Recognition is priceless in value and invisible in nature.

  • Rewards are transactional. Recognition should always be relational.

  • Rewards are simply consumed. Recognition is mostly experienced.

  • Rewards are transferable. Recognition is non-transferable.

  • Rewards are certainly conditional. Recognition is unconditional.

  • Rewards are expected. Recognition is a surprise.

  • Rewards are outcome driven. Recognition is focused on behaviours.

  • Rewards are fixed. Recognition is flowing: from one employee to the other and can be expanded upon and shared by others.

Your ultimate goal in setting a realistic, achievable recognition programme is clarifying what behaviours and outcomes your organisation values, and then to provide enough motivation to maintain and improve employee performance. Rewards for goals that seem unachievable do not motivate. Empowering and encouraging employees, managers and peers to provide recognition makes recognition practices more effective.

We assist organisations in creating rewards and recognition which are individualised and match your preferences.  For a tailor made quote on a reward and recognition programme that is in line with your company objectives, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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